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Cru Cutters takes great pride in our quality craftsmanship. No matter the size of the job, our detail-oriented trained professionals put their hard work into constructing every project with precision and care. We understand that our image is not only on display upon job completion, but during all phases of project implementation from beginning to end.


  • The design process begins with an in depth discussion of you interests and priorities. We then create a concept and plan to meet your needs with suggested materials and options. Our designers will work with you through a series of changes to ensure the end Master Plan meets your satisfaction.
  • Cru Cutters design team will consult with you one on one, listen to your requests and ideas and then visualize your possibilities through impressive drawings and computer renderings.
  • Our professional designers have countless years of experience in landscape architecture and an eye for blending beautiful landscapes and impressive architecture.

Project Management

  • After a design is decided upon, you will be assigned a Project Manager that will oversee your job before, during and even after Cru Cutters is on the job site.
  • Your personal Project Manager will work personally with you to develop a schedule and strategy for executing the entire process from delivery to installation. Our Project Manager coordinates subs, scheduling, material handling, material staging, safety oversight, changes in orders and detail assurance.

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  • After breaking ground we will be focused upon a speedy completion in a time frame that will allow us to produce the highest quality.
  • Our construction crews operate in an organized, polite, and professional manner making sure to keep everyone’s safety at the forefront of every project. The attention and focus we show to detail is what sets us apart from our competition.
  • You will receive updates and communication on the progress of the project throughout installation from your Project Manager and Designer.
  • Cru Cutters has the ability to install a wide range of products that meet customer needs and budgets. If you have questions or are looking for something very precise, just let us know.

Quality Assurance

  • Before beginning the project we are sure to communicate a clear plan and expectations through our Design team and Project Managers.
  • Our landscape professionals are well trained and expected to take great pride in the quality of our work.
  • Cru Cutters offers full maintenance plans for all projects we install. During and after a project we educate customers to keep them informed with what needs to be done post project. By doing this we have developed long term relationships with many of our customers and ensure customer trust.
  • After project completion our Project Manager is available for follow ups and feedback. We offer standard one year warranty on all plant material and products installed.

“We make sure that quality of work and craftsmanship are at the forefront of every project. Cru Cutters has earned a reputation in Northern Kentucky as one of the preeminent landscape firms in the industry. This is something we take pride in and expect our employees to represent on each and every project.”