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The ultimate Cru Cutter experience, allow us to fully maintain your plant and turf health with our full line of organically driven products.

  • Lawn Applications – 6 step program for weed prevention and fully balanced fertilization.
  • Grub Control – 1 time application prevents and kills grubs in the soil.
  • Border Pest Control – 3 step program to keep non- desirable insects out of the turf.
  • Disease and Fungal Control – 1 time application that prevents diseases caused by seasonal weather.
  • Aeration & Over Seed – By aerating your lawn this alleviates compaction and allows the roots easier access to oxygen, water and nutrients. Over seeding will then rejuvenate the turf and help fill in bare areas.
  • Tree & Shrub Applications- 4 step program will protect your trees and shrubs from insects and diseases.
    Fertilizer will be applied to offer the proper nutrition required for healthy growing.