During the winter months, Cru cutters is on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week to make sure your life continues as usual during an ice or snow event. With a fleet of well-prepared staff and equipment, our crews are always ready to provide for you a safe and clear path to get you to and from your destination. Large or small, Cru Cutters snow removal team can make sure your employees, customers, and guests arrive and depart in a safe, snow and ice-free manner.

Before a storm

When preparing for a storm, our team follows advanced weather reports to ensure awareness of when and how severe the storm is expected to be. Our on staff mechanic allows our crews to be well prepared for anything, while our management team formulates a game plan to meet all of our customers’ needs. A map is created for each property, detailing high priority areas, so our crews are well aware of what is expected.

during a storm

As the snow and ice falls our crews are clearing the way for our customers. With over 70 pieces of equipment and more than 60 employees on staff, we are hard at work trying to keep our customers safe during harsh conditions. Each crew is assigned to a specific area, where they work around the clock to meet expectations. Throughout the storm our managers are readily available to address our customers’ concerns and ensure the services we are providing are up to par.

after a storm

Once conditions are safe, and there is no more snow or ice to be removed, our managers are still hard at work following up on every account. They ensure that all completed work has met company and customer standards. Communication is clear and all concerns are addressed right away. Should our customers have any questions or concerns, our office staff is readily available to address those issues.